Principal Desk
Dear Students, We crossed one more year with tremendous activities. The academic year 2010-11 stands apart due to the educational reforms initiated by the Board. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation finally reached class X students. Though surrounded by confusions and apprehensions of the outcome the year went past smoothly.

We strive hard to impart quality education to our students. Moreover every student studying in our institution is groomed well to face the present competition oriented world. To be competitive is not sufficient to go global, but to face challenges with equanimity is of better importance. Therefore cultivating a culture of stress free attitude rooted on spiritual awareness and relative confidence is very essential. Holding firmly to our values the students learn to lead a life of social commitment too.

I look forward to have a school with beaming, brilliant, beneficial student faces around me who could radiate knowledge and energy far and wide. Wishing you all the very best.

Mrs. Prasanna