School Uniform
Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modifications to the uniform are not allowed.
The school uniform must be worn on all school days and ata all school functions .
Students can wear colour dress on their birthdays.
Identity cards must be worn at all times.
Kameez must not have slits (Girls, of class VIII-XII) Umbrella cutting compulsory.
Boys must wear double pleated trousers (Class V-XII)
HAIR (For boys)
Hair must be kept short and neatly combed.
Hair must not touch the ears, the collar or the eyebrows. Colouring of hair, gelled hair and spiky hair style is not permitted.
HAIR (For girls)
Hair style should be neat and simple.
Long hair must be plaited on both sides and tied up with white ribbons.
No jewelty coloured contact lenses or cosmetics are allowed.
Girls may wear plain ear studs. Multiple earnings are not permitted.
Only white hair clips, hair bands and ribbons are permitted.
White shoes and white socks on Wednesdays. Black shoes on all other days. Socks must hide the ankles.
No tattoos or body art of any sort is allowed.
Long nails are not allowed in school.
No nail polish should be applied on nails.