General School Rules
Reach five minutes prior to the first bell.
Attendance for all tests ans examinations compulsory
Attendance compulsory for any special function.
Attendance required for promotion-80%.
Late comers will be marked Absent.
Food /drinks should be consumed during recess or lunch break.
When consuming food,students should display good table manners and should not throw food scraps on the tables or floor.
Empty bottles and other little must be cleared from the tables, and be thrown into the rubbish bins.
Non vegetarian food is not allowed.
No student is allowed to go out/home for having lunch.
Students must remain in class during changeover of periods.
Students must not loiter along the corridors at any time.
Students must go in an orderly manner whenever they move in to other classes/lab/liberary.
Students who are sick must call their parents/guardians to fetch them from school.
A parent wishing to take his wards early should complete the Early Departure for pupils form in the office. The form must be signed by the class teacher and principal/Teacher-in-charge.
Students should greet teachers and officers politely.
Students should be respectful towards teachers at all times.
Students are to treat fellow students with respect. The senior students must be good role models to the juniors by being kind and considerate.
Handle all school property nwith care.
Any damage to school property should be reported immediately to the class teacher.
Toilets must be kept clean and flushed after use.
Be civie minded. If you witness anyone doing things detrimental to the school, bring it to the attention of any teacher, preferably your class teacher.Trust the school to deal with a problem in the best way possible.
Do not remove furniture, equipment and other items from any part of the school premises without the permission of the teacher-in-charge.
Students should not wear costly ornaments.
No money should be sent through pupils below class VIII.
Write/affix the name on the tiffin box, water bottles, umbrella, pencils box etc.
Mobile phones, Mp3 players, CD, VCD etc. must not be brought.
Maintain the books neat and clean.
Keeping the books and belongong under safe custody is the responsibility of every student.
Paper from the note books should not be torn.